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Howard is building these and other bent wood sculptures.
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These birds -- Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Geese, Swans and SeaHawks are made in his shop using a special steam bending process and utilizing hardwood strips. These are currently made from red oak or walnut.

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Heron Gooose Swan Osprey

The Steam Bending Process

The first step is to steam heat strips of wood until they can be easily bent. This steam box can heat hardwood strips 38‚ÄĚlong to above 200 degrees.

The heated strips are wound through a bending jig. Pictured above is a heron bending jig.

The bent strips are then laminated together using a special glue, clamps and presses. Pictured below is a heron in the gluing frame.
Glued Heron

Pictured above is a raw heron after gluing but before finishing.